Sushi Scarves For Sale

These Sushi Scarves are one of those geeky/awesome things that you COULD NOT live without and there only $21.00 each. The Sushi Scarfs are homemade with 100% acrylic yarn and can be a great gift for sushi lovers or you can always keep it for your self ¬†ūüėČ


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Chain Scarves For Sale

These scarfs are handmade with with a mix of wool and acrylic yarn. they look super cute with a T-shirt or a jacket. Also are very easy to put on . They cost 16.00 each they come in many colors 


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Eye Masks For Sale

These eye masks are held by elastic and has a silk like backing to it. There are 6 designs and are $4.00 each. Eye masks are great gifts for teens,tweens and moms

IMG_3839 IMG_3840

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Wallets For Sale

These wallets are my very own design and are sew cute.I am selling them for $6.00 each. I hope you enjoy this product. There is two designs you can chose from both have the same design inside, the only difference is the buttons sewn on top.


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Wreath Coasters For Sale

These wreath coaster are perfect for the holidays either around the coffee table in the morning or a stocking stuffer.

The coasters are $2.00 each or $10.00 for 6 and 4 inch wide made with 100% acrylic yarn.


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Thank you for ordering and Happy Holidays! :)

About Me

Hi my name is Waverly I am 14 years old. I am in 9th grade going into 10th,

My mom homeschools me and my sisters.

My favorite things to do are crafting,

sewing,crocheting,knitting,beading,embroidering,piano and learning as much as i can.

I have two sisters and a brother(I am the oldest of all of them)

My dream is to become a archeologist,artist,pianoist and fashion designer

and have my business to become a success. The little cool super power i have is that I can make almost anything by just looking at the picture.



I hope you enjoy this site.

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